Materials and logos

This page contains materials and logos of the Helsinki Region Infoshare service. The materials are licensed under the Creative Commons 4.0 BY license.

Leaflets and publications

  HRI’s four page leaflet, which briefly explains the HRI-service and the process of opening data, as well as showcasing open data use cases and its benefits. The leaflet is also available in Finnish.
    In 2013, Helsinki Region Infoshare published a guide book that provides stimuli for unlocking public data, as well as telling how open data made its breakthrough in the public administration in Finland.


All logo versions, Illustrator
Logo for light background, PNG

Logo for light background, EPS
Logo for dark background, PNG
Logo for dark background, EPS


HRI’s category symbols

HRI’s category symbols

HRI’s category symbols, PNG
HRI’s category symbols, EPS

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