Crowdsourcing and the IoT: new ways of collecting data about the city


It’s important for officials to have the most accurate and broad information possible about their domain of operation. In tune with this sentiment there are many ongoing ventures by the city of Helsinki and other organizations to explore new ways of collecting data, especially using distributed or moving sensing technology (ie. IoT) as well as utilizing regular people as data collectors (i.e. crowdsourcing). On 2nd of March 2017, Laituri saw a variety of speakers and crowd eager to know about the activities of the City of Helsinki that lie under these umbrella terms.

6 months ago

Available public spaces! Integrate them into your service?


Cities possess hundreds of public spaces, premises and equipment – for example, the City of Helsinki has about 3000 buildings. Use of public spaces can be optimized but it requires real-time availability and reservation information. Now, with Helsinki’s recently opened resource reservation API, relevant information on the availability of a selection of the city’s public spaces is available.

Public spaces and resource reservation methods was the theme of first Helsinki Loves Developers open data open office in 2017. Participants brainstormed improvements to data collection methods and discussed methods for optimising collected information of available public spaces.

7 months ago

Participate DataBusiness Challenge!


Do you want to create an application that helps the everyday lives of people living and working in the cities? Or help them actively participate in the development of their city? Or do you have ideas about how digital services could help organisations base their decisions more and more on accurate information? Now is your chance to get creative!

Open data idea and solution competition starts now!

The six largest cities in Finland (Helsinki, Espoo, Vantaa, Tampere, Turku and Oulu) want to support the development of new user based services by arranging an open data innovation competition.

9 months, 3 weeks ago

Open data as a key element for transparency


The HRI service organised an event on the importance of open data in data journalism for international journalists on 2nd May 2016 at Library10 in Helsinki. The event was organised as an official pre event of the UNESCO World Press Freedom Day 2016 which also took place in Helsinki. The open data and data journalism event was however open to everyone.

The event was hosted by Mr Timo Cantell, Director of City of Helsinki Urban Facts. The event started with presentations by Ms Tuula Haavisto, Library Director at Helsinki City Library and Mr Kari Lämsä, Director of Library10.

1 year, 3 months ago

Open Finland Challenge ends in a tie


Eight jury picked teams pitched their projects to the OFC-gala audience for a public vote, resulting in two Open Data Finnish Champions 2015.

This year’s Open Finland Challenge competition wasn’t short of surprises. The public vote ended in a tie and after momentary confusion, the grand prize was split into two. The competition’s coordinator, Teemu Ropponen, initially suggested a re-vote but in the spirit of open decision-making the audience upheld the initial results.

Consequently, the winners, Katja Ratamäki from meal planning app Miils and both makers of the refugee visualisation, Ville Saarinen and Juho Ojala, lit up the stage with their beaming smiles at Bio Rex movie theatre in Helsinki.

1 year, 9 months ago

Striking developer weekend at Ultrahack: Butterfly Effect and Routes Helsinki pocket the main prizes


Hundreds of excited developers gathered at Konepaja Bruno in Helsinki (6th – 8th November 2015) to solve challenges set out by the City of Helsinki and other challenge partners during the 48-hours Ultrahack hackathon. Ultrahack is a part of Slush Hacks, which is the biggest hackathon in Europe. The goal for the participants is to create new business by utilising open data. The best solutions from Slush Hacks will be presented and awarded at the SLUSH business event on the 12.11.2015.

1 year, 10 months ago

Smart City and Citizens – what happens in Helsinki and how can I be part of it?


Solve City of Helsinki’s competition challenges!

City of Helsinki’s competition challenge seeks new innovative apps utilizing open data and relating to some of the following themes: urban mobility, energy & emissions, culture & tourism, retail & shopping, and collaborative city.

City of Helsinki has published large amounts of open data via service. Now, the city wants to promote developers and designers to create on this new apps, visualisations, and dashboards tutilizing this open data and helping to get an overview what is happening in Helsinki or how Helsinki has evolved and is currently evolving.

2 years, 3 months ago

Cities across Europe opening their data


Culture and transport are the first applications using public open data resources.

The first Open Knowledge Festival in September 2012 attracted one thousand open data enthusiasts to Helsinki, Finland. Many of them used a priceless assistant while navigating in an unfamiliar city. Already in 2009, Helsinki Region Transport launched an open interface to public transport timetable and route data. Nowadays the data is used in dozens of handy smartphone applications, allowing travellers to locate themselves and find the right bus to their destination.

4 years, 6 months ago

Hackathon? How about eight!


The Open Knowledge Festival taking place in Helsinki in mid September 2012 features eight free hackathons. Ranging from designing and building a functional news application from open government data to creating new ideas for making aid and development data more accessible, most hackathons have limited seating and are closing up fast. Move fast to get your seat!

5 years ago
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