Open API whiteboard video

Open application programming interface (API) is an unknown term for most non-technical people. A little bit scary – or at least dubious. What is it? Why should we make one, is it worth getting familiar with? What benefits could it have?

Watch the Open API whiteboard video

Although the technical development of an API is a task for professional coders, the basic understanding of how it works and the benefits it can bring are for everyone to enjoy. To help understand, HRI and Marker Wizards have worked together to produce a short whiteboard video. It showcases the benefits of Open APIs and a few examples from the Helsinki Metropolitan area.

The video is also available in Finnish and Swedish.

Earlier, HRI and Marker Wizards released a three-minute whiteboard video about the concept of open data and the role of HRI.

Translation: Kaarlo Uutela

Picture: Marker Wizards.

Hami Kekkonen
1 month ago
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